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Application flow


All dimensions are unitless.  Before nesting ensure part to part distance, part to sheet distance,
part / sheet length and width are converted to same units.  To get best results, feed all the data
converted to millimeters

How do I purchase a Nesting plan?

Following plans are available.  To start with, you can register for free. 

You can purchase a plan online by visiting our "Purchase" page.  You can also drop a mail to our support team at for any queries or purchases.

Where can I find my nesting plan details?

         After you login, you can see details of your plan and a summary of your jobs.

  • Jobs with status as "Completed" are the ones for which nesting is completed and results have been generated.  The results are sent to your registered email ID.

  • Jobs with status as "Failed" are the ones which have failed during the nesting process. The details for the same are sent to your registered email ID

  • Jobs with status as "Submitted" are the ones which are in queue and awaiting for nesting operation.

  • Jobs with status as "Deleted" are the ones which have been deleted by the user.

  • Total indicates the sum of completed, failed, submitted and deleted jobs.

Jobs in my account

These are the jobs that you have already submitted earlier.  The "My Nest Jobs" table shows information about your old jobs.

For e.g in the above table, there are 5 jobs in the account.

Click on a job name to reload it. Once the job is reloaded, you can view or modify the part and sheet details.  This modified job can be re-submitted for nesting.

Only "Completed" and "Failed" jobs can be viewed or modified. You can download the results of a job that is "Completed" by clicking on the "Download" link.  The job results are also sent to your e-mail id.  Results of a "Failed" job may indicate the reasons for failure.  Failed jobs are not charged.

Click on "Delete" link to delete the job.

Progress indicator in the status field indicates that the job is under process.  The status is automatically refreshed when the job is processed.

User interface

After you login, your last job is automatically loaded.  You can click on a job name in the "My Nest Jobs" table to load another job.  You can add, delete or edit existing part, sheet or parameter data for a loaded job and re-submit it for nesting.  To create a new job, click on "Create New Job" button.  To edit a loaded job, click 'Edit Job" button.


Part & Sheet DXF Inputs

  • Part or Sheet DXF files should contain clear outer loops and inner loops as shown below:-

  • Part or Sheet DXF files should not have open profiles as shown in image 2a below.  Instead the Part or Sheet DXF should have closed profile as shown in image 2b:-


  • Part or Sheet DXF should not contain layout or name plate details or dimensions as shown in image 3a below.  Instead only the part contours containing outer loops and inner loops (if any) have to be loaded as DXF as shown in image 3b below:-


  • Part or Sheet DXF files should not have unconnected outer loops.  Cluster of parts as shown below should not be given as input for NestlibOnline i.e. Instead parts have to be loaded saperately. For providing cluster of parts as input, contact  Nestlib library has option to provide cluster of parts as inputs which is not exposed in NestlibOnline.

  • Part or sheet dxf file names should have only English fonts. Other languages and special characters in file names are not supported.


Tips & tricks

  • In part data, use step angle = 1 for best results.
  • Give a name to every job you submit. By default the job name is generated automatically.
  • If for some reason you are unable to upload the dxf file, please check if you have good upload bandwidth, and also ensure that you are not behind a firewall.

  • The site is best viewed on Windows 7 using Internet Explorer 8.0.

    Contact us

    For any queries, please drop a email at  We will be glad to assist you.